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Colorful, themed bibs feature reversible designs so your child can "dress up" for snacks and mealtimes. Our custom designs will make terrific gifts for baby showers and will be appreciated by moms long after the baby arrives. Choose among our many initial designs to make them personal. We also accept special requests for colors. When it's time to eat, these are ready to serve!

Bib sizes are 11" long by 9" wide.

All designs feature reversible patterns and are machine-washable/dryable

Standard size bibs are $10.99 each

Larger sizes are available for special needs individuals.

Letter A Bib
A - Giraffe Print with Pink Theme

Moms know that kids sometimes get a little wild playing with their foods. Our giraffe pattern will let them do it in style and it reverses to a fashionable pink with appeal for little girls. Featuring the letter "A," it's a personalized choice for all the little "angels" on your list. After meals and snacks, just toss it in the wash.

Note: This bib has been sold but one very similar can be yours with the initial of your choice.  Send your wishes on the Contact Form.

A - John Deere Pretty in Pink

Pale pink will please your dainty damsel in this John Deere themed bib featuring a patchwork pattern highlighted with green. Both sides are personalized with the initial "A" with the fabrics reversed. This will be a unique keepsake for your special "little lady."

Letter B Bib Train
B - Thomas Train Theme in Blue

Who hasn't played the choo-choo game to entice a reluctant child to eat something that's less than desirable? Let Thomas chug into action with this colorful infant bib. Along with a blue theme, it features the initial "B" that will make it the cutest accent as a personalized item. Stars scatter across a lighter blue pattern on the reverse side.
Letter C Bib Flowers

C - Flowers & Butterflies

Add a field of flowers and butterflies are sure to follow. Our girl themed bib is a beautiful bouquet that adds a cheerful touch during snack times and meals. This design will make a lovely gift for new moms and it's personalized with the letter "C." If you'd like a different pattern or color combination, we're happy to take special requests.

C - John Deere Green

Vintage John Deere with tractors plowing the fields is sure to be a down-home winner at your kitchen table. Embellished with the initial "C" in chocolate brown adds a special touch. The reverse side highlights the initial in the John Deere fabric on a lighter brown background. 

Letter D Bib Dogs

D - Blue & Brown Dog Theme

A cute pack of pups makes this a fun bib choice for little ones. It features the initial "D" and the reverse side is patterned with brown squares. With a classic tie, you can adjust it for comfort and it's sized to catch stray food that accidentally leaps out of the bowl. Machine wash it and it's ready to go again.

Note:  Although this bib is sold, another with very similar fabric and any initial can be whipped up in no time.

Letter E Bib Stripes

E - Stripes & Flowers

Pink, blue, yellow and green stand out on our Stripes & Flowers personalized bib. The letter "E" is featured on front and back with reversed patterns that make it a fashionable choice for the littlest girls. When you're ready for a change of style, just reverse it and little girls will have a brand new look at the dinner table.

H - Cowboy Round-Up

Watch your little cowpoke's face light up with this fun and colorful wagontrain theme. The bright red "H" is decorated with tiny horseshoes. The back side also features the initial personalization with the fabrics reversed for a totally new look.  The ties are plenty long to comfortably fit any wrangler.

Letter J Bib Cowboys

J - Cowboy Theme

Around the campfire or at home, your youngest cowboys will have proper protection with our cute Wild West themed bib. The letter "J" is featured on both front and back with the reverse sporting a blue and white stripe pattern. Perfect for the cowpoke who tends to get a little messy with his grub. Just wash and it's ready for the next roundup.

Letter K Bib Flowers

K - Flowers & Caterpillars

With so many colorful flowers splashed across this big, caterpillars are sure to follow. Little ones will love this pretty accessory for high chair snack and meal times. The bright bouquet features a letter "K" and the back offers sprinkles of color across a light blue background. With its curlicue font, it looks dainty but is ready to do its job.

Letter L Bib John Deere

L - Pink John Deere & Polka Dot Theme

If you don't believe polka dots and tractors complement each other, just ask any little girl who's a John Deere lover. Parents will also get a kick out of this pink-themed bib and it's sure to get plenty of compliments at the table. The letter "L" stands out on a patchwork front and a brown background on the reverse side.

Note: This one has been sold - your little girl will love her initial on the pretty John Deere pattern. Go to the Contact Form to place your order.

L - Vintage John Deere

Vintage John Deere with tractors plowing the fields is sure to be a down- home winner at your kitchen table. Embellished with the initial "L" in chocolate brown adds a special touch. The reverse side highlights the initial in the John Deere fabric on a lighter brown background. 

Letter L Bib Gingham

L - Dragonfly Theme in Red & Gingham

The perfect picnic and mealtime partner - a gingham bib. Our "L" themed design also brightens with solid red on the reverse side. A dragonfly is ready to land on the front while a single butterfly spreads its wings across the back. At the neck, a tie complements in a matched color. It's sure to be a favorite for snack times, too!

Note: These flying friends have flown to a new home but they can fly to yours with colors and initial of your choice.

Letter M Bib Pooh

M - Blue Winnie the Pooh with Stripes

Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore make fun mealtime companions on the front of this bib. Along with the letter "M," they all stand out on a colorful blue background. Change the look in an instant and reverse it for stylish stripes. With each custom order, you can request back colors and no two front layouts will be the same.

Note:  This one is sold but more Winnie fabric awaits your special order with any initial you choose.

Letter P Bib Leopard

P - Leopard Print with Red Back

The letter "P" stands out in bright red against this bib's leopard spots. The front is a pretty exotic while the back is solid with a repeating initial at the center. Who can resist going just a little bit wild for this popular big cat? Parents and grandparents will also enjoy this fashionable look while little ones will be protected in style.

Note:  Although this bib has been sold, you can take a walk on the wild side with a special order in your choice of colors and initial.

Letter R Bib Flowers

R - Flowers with Blue Back

Red blooms are popping up all over with a springtime-themed bib. It's personalized with the letter "R" on both sides with a reversible background in solid blue. Florals are a favorite for girls and you can request a different color on the reverse side with custom orders. Just contact us for requests or suggestions and we'll be happy to create your one-of-a-kind design.

Letter S Bib Stripes

S - Brown Stripes & Squares

Personalized baby bibs are special treats for parents and little ones, too. With an initial "S," this one is a classic design with horizontal stripes on the front and squares on the back. In brown, it also features bands of neutral hues that make it stand out. Perfect for the littlest girls or boys, this is a unique gift that becomes one-of-a-kind with each special order.

On Sale Now $7.99

Letter T Bib Flowers

T - Yellow & Blue Flowers

Yellow and blue flowers will be an adorable addition at the table. Petals on the front mingle with the personalized letter "T" while the reversible side is a more vivid blue with splashes of lighter hues. When it's time to eat, make sure your little one is in style at the table. Double-sided ties are easily adjustable and our cotton, cotton/blend fabrics are simple to wash.


What youngster won't speed to the dinner table in his Disney/Pixar themed bib featuring Lightning McQueen and his friends? The velcro closure makes it a snap to get on and off. The back side features McQueen in the spotlight on a brown background.

Note: This bib has raced to a new home. Order one with this same Cars fabric and a coordinating solid color of your choice.

Spongebob Squarepants

Mealtime will put a smile on any child's face with this fun and colorful pattern of multiple Spongebob Squarepants poses... or reverse to the backside in cheery yellow with a single Spongebob as the center of attention. The velcro closure makes it easy as 1, 2, 3 to switch sides!

Tweety Bird

Tweety Bird is floating along in bubbles of blue with no Sylvester The Cat in sight. Pink and purple flowers add a special touch. Bright yellow surrounds a single Tweety Bird on the reverse side. This bib has a velcro closure for easy on-
easy off.

Curious George

As much fun at a barrel of monkeys, this colorful collage of blues, greens, reds and yellows features Curious George faces in blocks turned every which way.  This velcro closure bib will be a favorite of any child at mealtime. A smaller circle of monkey faces adorns the reverse side on a brown background. 

SOLD items may be ordered with slightly different fabric to maintain one-of-a-kind uniqueness. We are happy to accept special orders on custom designs and/or fabric choice. New designs are always in progress. Custom suggestions are greatly appreciated!