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Tooth Fairy Pillows are all dimensioned at about 8"x 8", excluding the ribbon they hang by. There is a pocket on the back of each pillow that provides safe keeping for the tooth, and each pillow also comes with a little poem inside (shown at right).

All pillows are $15.99 

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In this pocket you will find
A teensy, tiny tooth of mine.
So while I sleep where
dreams are made,
Let's see if you
can make a trade.

In this pocket I will lay,
the little tooth I lost today.
Please, dear fairy,
tonight as I sleep
leave me a coin.
My tooth you can keep.

-Author Unknown

hello kitty pillow
Hello Kitty Pillow

The Tooth Fairy won't be able to resist leaving a little extra something in this darling Hello Kitty pillow's pocket. And when the pocket is empty, this is a pretty keepsake for girls. Pink polka dots on brown with gold corner accenting and top bows make it a very special treasure. It arrives ready to hang and to receive that first tooth.

Note:  This pillow has been sold but your Hello Kitty fan can have her very own with coordinating fabrics of your choice.  Go to the Contact Form to special order.

John Deere Pink Pillow
Pink John Deere Pillow

Add to your child's John Deere gear with this pretty pink pillow. Hanging on a doorknob or a hook makes it an easy target for the Tooth Fairy and a pocket in back is sized for change or bills. Little girls can enjoy their personal tractor theme along with pink plaids and polka dots, accented with frilly bows, rick-rack and yellow inset panels.

Note: this pillow has been sold, but you can request one just like it with minor variations in colors and patterns. Special requests are welcomed.

Pooh Blue Pillow

Winnie the Pooh in Blue Pillow

Winnie the Pooh is all blue, but still happy to be a part of your child's room. Our favorite tubby character is perched on one panel of this pillow that's also decorated with gold fabric and red rick-rack. A shiny blue ribbon makes a perfect topper that girls and boys will love. And don't forget to let the Tooth Fairy know there's a pocket on the back.

Flowers & Caterpillar Pillow

Flowers & Caterpillar Pillow

A colorful caterpillar is in search of flowers for a nice long munch. Our pillow is filled with spring colors including green and orange panel insets paired with a whimsical petal design. Silky ribbons add extra color at one corner and this design also includes a hanging ribbon for hooks and doorknobs. This will be a treasured birthday or any-occasion gift.

Pink Giraffe Pillow

Pink-Themed Giraffe Print Pillow

Little fashionistas will adore our pairing of designer pink fabrics with a giraffe print. Bold black spots add their exotic touch while oversized bows finish off this ultra-girly look. When the Tooth Fairy is no longer required to make visits, the pocket in back can hold small trinkets. It's also soft enough to use as a cushion on daybeds and in favorite chairs.

Note:  This pillow has been sold.  Another can be ordered with the same or very similar fabrics.

Gingham & Dragonfly Pillow

Gingham & Dragonfly Pillow

Black and white gingham is a stylish pairing with this dragonfly themed Tooth Fairy pillow. Green and bright red panels are also room-brighteners with edging that complements around all sides. At the top a bow in mixed fabrics adds a designer look to this heirloom crafted design. While little ones will love this style, older girls also think it's a great accent for beds.

Note:  Although this pillow has been sold, you can request another in similar or different colors.

Thomas Train Pillow

Thomas Train Pillow

Red, white and blue Thomas the Train pillow is an all-around favorite for kids. The colorful front and back panels are accented with a blue fabric bow and hanging ribbon. It's a cute choice for nurseries and will be ready for a visit from the Tooth Fairy when the time arrives. With each order, fabric and ribbon colors may vary to make it truly a one-of-a-kind creation.

Cowboy Pillow

Cowboy Pillow

Calling all cowpokes and bronc busters. This is the pillow you want hanging at the corral when the Tooth Fairy is on the trail with cash or coin. Grandparents - this is a terrific gift for your favorite little ones and they'll certainly look forward to seeing what may be left behind in place of a tooth. This popular boot-scootin' design comes with a hanging ribbon and panel colors may vary with each special order.

Note:  This pillow has been sold.  Pick your own colors or order one very similar for your little wrangler.

Hello Kitty - Goodbye Tooth

This darling, hangable pillow is sure to be a keepsake long after the last loose tooth has been exchanged for cash! Ribbons, bows and feathery boa accents add even more magic to the Hello Kitty themed front and polka dot backing. With a single large initial on the front, there's no mistaking who the Tooth Fairy is visiting, and afterward, this snuggly pillow is easy to tote around for a quick snooze anywhere.

Note: The "Mandy" pillow is sold, but you can order one just like it or in a different color choice with any initial.

Prettiest Pink Princess Theme Pillow

While young royalty sleeps, the Tooth Fairy can flutter in and out without making a sound. A pocket in the back will safeguard your little one's tooth, and there's plenty of room for coins or bills. The front is adorned with a giraffe print crown topped by a pink bow against a batik background. Black and pink net bows along with white feathery boa accenting will make a fashionable statement on walls, hooks or doorknobs.

The Tooth Fairy's Next Pit Stop Is...

Rookies of any age need a safe place to park that lost tooth, and we have just the spot for any young Cars fans. The front sports popular animated characters along with your child's initial while the back offers a place to stash the cash. Hang it on a doorknob or a hook and let the Tooth Fairy race in and out without making a disturbance.

Note: The "Patrick" pillow has been sold, but you can select any initial and choice of color for the back.

What's Black and White and Pink All Over?

Even if the Tooth Fairy is fashionably late, she'll know just where to look. With bold zebra stripes, a full-sized initial and a bright pink background, this pillow stands out while providing a safe place for teeth in a pocket on the back. Bows perched in a top corner along with a striped hanging ribbon are wild adornments any designer-conscious diva will absolutely love.

Note: This pillow is sold, but we'll be happy to provide another wild creation that's personalized just for your child.

Tooth Fairy Treasures in the Jungle

Let the Tooth Fairy slip into the jungle, and right back out again while your little one dreams of big adventures. This personalized pillow complete with back storage pocket provides a wild depository for teeth, and it makes the search for treasures in the morning even more exciting. The front features favorite critters and the back is a bold animal pattern.

Note: "Xavier" was a special order, but you can specify any child's initial to create a personalized pillow.

Pastel Bows and Bouquets

Every lost tooth is a special event, and this traditional flower and polka-dot pillow offers a perfect resting spot. A pocket at the back gives the Tooth Fairy easy access, and there's plenty of room to leave a present in return. Pastel shades of purple, pink, blue, and green offer a delightful bouquet that's topped off with bows and a ribbon for hanging.

Note: This pillow is sold, and all you need to do is specify which initials you'd like to customize.

Frills are for Girls

We've added the frills to this designer pillow that any little girl will love. As she says goodbye to her baby teeth, she'll enjoy having a personalized place to keep them safe until the Tooth Fairy arrives. The initial and backing feature black-and-white zebra stripes accented with a brilliant pink background - every little diva's favorite colors! Ruffles around the edge and bows at the top are finishing touches to make this a cute collectible.

Note: The "Alexis" pillow has a permanent home, but you can order another with an initial of choice.

Treats Are in Store with a Doggie Bone Theme

Playful canines make this collectible pillow even cuter as they roam side-by-side with a tempting bone. On the back, there's an equally enticing place to keep a tooth lying in wait for the Tooth Fairy, and she's sure to leave a treat that your child will love, too! A polka-dot hanging ribbon and golden bow are sure to make any young animal lover happy.

A Star Shines Bright

Even the littlest starlets will love having their own celebrity pillow. With a host of playful monkeys swinging across the front, your child's initial stands out against a silvery background. On the road to becoming famous, of course, lost teeth will have a place to go, and the Tooth Fairy can make a grand entrance to leave behind an award!

Note: Harley is sold; let us know which initial you'd like for your child's own movie star-themed pillow.

Spring is in the Air

Fanciful flowers are in bloom all year long on a pillow that's always ready for a visit from the Tooth Fairy. Kids will love whimsical florals and stripes along with bric-a-brac trim topped by a bouquet of satin and feathery bows. A pocket on the back side will keep those baby teeth safe and ready for a middle-of-the-night trade-in. This keepsake pillow is perfect for any garden-themed child's room.

Butterfly Landing

Butterflies bring joy to any space in their own special way, and every girl will love having a one-of-a-kind pillow as part of a flower-themed room. Delightful floral patterns at one side pair with springtime shades of light green and pink while a colorful butterfly is ready to land. A pocket on the back will keep teeth secured until the Tooth Fairy slips in to leave behind a bundle of bills or change.

Lion Pillow

Lion Pillow

A happy lion's head pillow is lying cheerfully in wait for a visit from the Tooth Fairy. Children will love having this friendly critter keeping stray teeth safe in a pocket tucked neatly at the back. A dark stitched border surrounds the orange mane with matching stitched details on the face. It comes with a complementing ribbon and is ready for hanging.

On Sale Now $10.99

Ladybug Pillow

Ladybug Pillow

Little girls will want to cuddle up with this ladybug pillow. The round shaping brings everyone's favorite insect to life in oversized plush form. With its red and black bow, it's irresistible as a bed accent, but it is ready to hang when it's time for a visit from the Tooth Fairy. It's all ready to buzz into place on a hook with a themed hanging ribbon, too.