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Personalized towels
for home spaces add a designer look in the bath. They'll make wonderful gifts, as well, for showers, weddings, anniversaries and housewarming. Our featured bath and hand towel sets are fluffy cotton in standard sizes. Please feel free to make special requests for personalization at no extra charge. Just use our contact form.

Towel sets with monogram only are $23.99
Towel sets with monogram and decorative edging are $26.99

Travel accessories include roll-up jewelry organizers and casserole dish carriers. You'll find those colorful designs below and we're happy to take custom requests.

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Personalized and Themed Towel Sets
Aggie Fans can Clean Up

With themed towels, of course. This set will please any alumni or fan. Keep team spirit going in the bath with themed fabric monogramming on a plush white background. The hand towel features a star at the center of a "T" and the larger bath size features Texas A&M initials. For special requests, you can specify towel and/or fabric colors.

Price: $28.99


What's Black & White & Pink All Over?

Our Zebra and Flower themed towels, of course! Petals poke out around black and white stripes in our whimsically monogrammed Letter "A" towel set. With bath and hand towel sizes, these are pretty pieces for a girl's bathroom or for a feminine adult space. As gifts, they'll make pretty accents for apartments, too. Letters are bordered in black to stand out.

Note: This set is not in stock, but we're happy to create another pair with your choice of initial at no extra charge.

Price: $23.99
blue dog B

B is for Blue Dogs

Dogs and bones go together and so does this cute two-piece towel set! Hand and bath sizes in soft fluffy white have received a perky addition with blue pups and a monogrammed "B." Black edging makes this fun fabric applique stand out - they're the perfect touch for a casual space. Animal lovers of all ages will enjoy cleaning up with these.

Price: $23.99
Spongebob B Towel

Spongebob "B" Towel

Spongebob fans will love the way their bathroom brightens up with this vibrant orange bath and hand towel set. This cheery fabric in shades of blue, yellow and orange will make bath time fun for all young and young-at-heart bathers. Click on photo at left to see larger image.

This towel set has been sold but another can be ordered on the Contact Form with any colors or monogram letter.

 Price: $26.99
Monkey Towel Set - C

Chimps Go Wild in the Bath

Our mischievous chimps are ready for cleanup time in the bath. Monogrammed blue hand and bath size towels will give your wild ones an assist when it's time to wash up or dry off. Fans of Curious George can only imagine what their favorite character is up to as he makes faces across the border and on the letter "C."

Price: $26.99

Spongebob Towels - D

The Deep Blue Sea & "Spongebob D"

Dive in and dry off with our bath size Spongebob theme towels. The set also includes a smaller towel that makes washing hands fun, too. With a colorful "D" monogram enhanced by black stitching along with a whimsical border, this teal duo is perfect for a kid's space. We're happy to create Spongebob sets by special request with other monograms, too!

Price: $23.99

Towel Set - Watermelons

A Slice of Watermelon for the Bath

Watermelons are popping up everywhere - even the bath. This favorite summertime treat is a pretty choice with bright red slices bouncing across a checkerboard tablecloth background. With a monogrammed "F" and a matching border, this green set includes both a hand-sized towel and bath towel for a cool and refreshing look that's fluffy and longwearing for active family use.

Price: $26.99

Dry Off with Spongebob & Pals

Who won't love drying off with their favorite character? It's an undersea adventure kids of all ages will love with plush orange towels that are sized for wrapping up after a shower or bath. Hand-sized towels will give little ones an excuse to wash up, too! We've featured the letter "J" here, but you can request any initial to make these special for your child.

Note: This set is sold, but we're happy to create a similar set with your personalized request.

Price: $26.99

Yellow Towel Set - K

Turn Tweety Loose in the Bath

Everyone's favorite canary is on the loose with this vivid yellow towel set. Let Tweety help with bath time and at the sink for washing hands - you never know what he'll be up to when you're not looking! With a letter "K" or other monogram of your choice, these will bright up any kid space. Use our easy contact form to make special monogram requests - at no additional charge.

Note: Our Tweety towels have flown the coop and gone to a new home. Please contact us for a custom set.

Price: $23.99

A Plush & Elegant Gift Set

Add a little more elegance in bath areas. Our featured towel set is white with black and white floral monogrammed lettering. With a plush background, these make beautiful and thoughtful gifts for brides-to-be and new homeowners. They'll be lovely accents for guest baths and hand towels will be the finishing touch to a powder room. Contact us with special requests for monogramming.
Price: $23.99

Bring Bevo to the Bath

Put your Texas team on display in the bath. Longhorns themed towel set features the iconic emblem on both the bath and hand sizes. With a matched border, there's no doubt which team you're rooting for! Black edging makes accenting stand out even more against a white background that's soft enough even for the most tender skin. During the season and throughout the year, these are always in style.
Price: $26.99

Caterpillars & Blooms for the Bath

Where colorful flowers begin to bloom, caterpillars will follow. This whimsical set will give your bath springtime appeal all year long. Light green hand and bath size towels are the perfect backdrop for our garden with an appliqued M, or initial of your choice, and matching border on both pieces. They're a stylish way to dress up powder rooms, too!

Price: $26.99

Hero Gear for Kids' Bathrooms

Back at the station, little firefighters can decorate bath areas with their own Heroes themed hand and bath towels. The letter "M" features colorful block patterns matched with borders that highlight fire trucks and hats. Kids can take care of Four Alarm dirt in the tub, then dry off with a plush bath-sized towel. This set is available with your special Initial request.
Price: $26.99

Golf Themed Towel - P

Ace Your Bath Space with Golf Themed Towels

A vintage golf montage is just what any enthusiast will love. This is a handsome hand and bath towel set in deep green that adds a masculine touch. Anyone who'd rather spend time on the course will appreciate these as gifts, too. Choose an appliqued "P" with matching border or contact us to add your own personalized look - all at no extra charge.

Price: $26.99
Green & Pink Towel Set

Springtime Pops Up in the Bath

When spring is in the air, it's time to freshen up the bath. Our featured towel set is a cheerful shade of green with "pop" style petals peeking out from an appliqued letter "P" that's defined by a stitched black border. Hand and bath sizes in fluffy soft cotton will make the perfect pairing in master, youth and guest spaces.

Price: $23.99

Lavender Towel Set - P

Lavender Bath Towels - Light and Lovely!

Lavender is, without a doubt, among the loveliest hues. This towel set is even prettier with an appliqued "P" featuring delicate florals against a complementing background. This is a light color choice in hand and bath sizes for a powder room or a more feminine space. You'll love the softness of this cotton duo and can select another monogram by special request.

Price: $23.99

Green Towel Set John Deere

Go "Green" with John Deere Towels

Get tough on grime with John Deere themed towels. In brown, our hand and bath sized pairing is soft enough for young skin. A vintage design features everyone's favorite tractors with an appliqued "R" on both pieces. With masculine appeal, your guys can "go green" while they're getting clean! With fabric availability, we're happy to add any initial at no additional charge.

Price: $23.99

Pink R Towel Set

Crazy for Daisies

A blast of neon green, orange and pink is just the right shade combination of summer hues to add spark in a bath space. Our fuchsia duo provides a pretty backdrop for daisies and other whimsical flowers that stand out in the appliqued "R." A matching border with white edging adds definition on both the hand and bath sizes that come with each set.

Price: $26.99

Crawly Caterpillars and Pretty Petals

Girls will love our colorful crawly caterpillars towel set. Surrounded by a garden full of whimsical petals, they'll add fun and style with monogramming and a matching border. Against a blue background, designs stand out to bring spring indoors for enjoyment all year long. Classic soft cotton in hand and bath sizes make clean-up fun. They're perfect for adult spaces, too!

Note: We've sold this set, but you can order a similar pair with your choice of initial.

Price: $26.99

Pink John Deere Towel Set

John Deere is Stylin' in Pink!

Girls can get their John Deere fix in the bath with a pink towel set featuring the familiar plaid along with the green and gold logo. They'll help dry in style with appliqued borders and a personalized letter "S" (or another of your choice). Designed for the younger tractor-loving set, these are also fun pieces for guest or master areas, too!

Price: $26.99

Towels for Your Little 'Pokes

Cowpokes can clean up after a hard day on the range with their own themed towels. Even little city slickers will love getting hold of these towels for cleaning up at the sink or after a bath. In blue cotton, these are tough enough for getting rid of trail dust. They're Terrific with a capital "T," but it's easy to personalize with a letter of your choice, too!

Price: $26.99

Travel Size Jewelry Organizers
Pack your favorite pieces and keep them protected in a soft-side jewelry organizer. These roll up into a compact carry size, then roll out for dresser tops or for hanging. Five see-through vinyl pockets with Velcro closures make selection easy. A large inner pocket on the reverse side holds necklaces and bracelets.

This paisley "F" organizer has been sold but you can order any initial and color combination on our Contact Form.

Outer dimensions: 10" x 14"
Inner large pocket dimensions: 10" x 12"

All featured organizers are $24.99

Paisley & Pink "F" Organizer (shown above)

Stow Away Jewelry in Retro Style

Pop Art as a cultural 1960s icon is still riding popularity waves, and you'll love this "eye-popping" jewelry organizer as much for its style as for its practicalities. Roll it up with your favorite pieces safely ensconced for travel, and display it at home hanging from a hook while enjoying a trip back in time to an era that is still just as fabulous today!

Note: This piece is sold; just let us know which initial you'd like added to personalize for yourself or as a gift.

Price: $24.99

Wildly Passionate Over Pink?

Now, you can satisfy your love of animal prints in the prettiest pink jewelry organizer around. A splash of leopard spots across the background on front and back highlight your initial in a trendy exotic blend along with a matching border that will brighten any room while you're traveling. At home, unroll, hang from a hook and you'll have access to all your best pieces every day!

Note: This designer organizer is sold, but we'll be happy to customize another with your selected initial.

Price: $24.99

Wrap Your Jewelry in the Timeless Beauty of Folkwear Fabrics

Russian folkwear patterns are steeped in history with their striking blends of festive detailing. Florals, batik tapestry, animal prints and repetitive diamond grids are reminiscent of yesteryear in this colorful jewelry organizer. There's plenty of room for necklaces, bracelets and smaller items that will always be accessible and protected in a hidden inner pocket for longer pieces and with easily visible compartments on the back side.

Note: Our Russian folk print organizer with the initial "M" is sold, but you can order the same or a similar print with your own choice of monogramming.

Price: $24.99
Casserole Dish Carriers
Keep food warm and dishes protected when you're on-the-go with a casserole carrier. Innovative padded wraps offer four-way closure with Velcro on two sides to help keep contents secured. Just adjust for standard round, square and rectangular sizes, gather up the dowel handles and you'll be on your way to the next potluck gathering! Our floral design features a solid color inside. (Click on the photo at left for a larger view.)

Special requests are always welcome for fabric colors, patterns and personalization. Just use our contact form and we'll get right back to you!

All featured casserole carriers are $24.99

Floral Casserole Carrier (above)

Arrive with Food Fresh as Orange Daisies

Brighten up any casserole dish when you're on the go with this colorful carrier featuring a bold daisy print. With your initial added, there will be no doubt it belongs to you when it's time to leave, although every other cook will surely envy your designer wrap. Padding holds in the warmth while you're in transit, and you'll worry less about accidental spills as well! It makes a pretty presentation as a housewarming gift, too.

Note: This casserole carrier has been sold. Let us know which initial you'd like for personalization, and we'll create a customer carrier just for you or a friend.

Price: $24.99

Apples in Any Form are Simply Delightful

Mouths will be watering when you arrive with this "Baked Apple" themed casserole carrier. Vintage script and kitchen-warming color combinations are reminiscent of grandma's best pastry recipes. Lightly padded to protect glassware, it wraps securely and is easy to tote with a dowel grip. Any dish, whether it's for a bake sale or for a potluck dinner, is just a little nicer when it's presented so beautifully in this traditional style wrap.

Note: The "L" monogrammed carrier is sold. Just let us know which initial you'd like to have on your personalized casserole carrier by using our "Contact" button.

Price: $24.99

Dress Up Casseroles with Exotic Prints

Even basic dishes will be just a little more exciting when they arrive in an exotic black-and-white zebra print carrier. Fashionably bold, the exterior also displays your selected initial in solid black, so that every casserole you deliver will stand out from the herd. The dowel handle makes even heavier dishes easy to tote while keeping them warm with light padding. Have a little fun with food, and add this carrier to your gift-giving list while you're ordering one for yourself!

Note: The zebra print "M" casserole carrier is sold. Use the Contact button to let us know which initial you'd like to add for yourself or as a gift.

Price: $24.99

Hooked on Great Food and Longhorns

You don't have to wait for the next tailgating party to show your UT pride - just tote this casserole carrier along for any bash. It keeps food warmed, protects containers and is ready to roll any time there's a game on or when Longhorn fans are getting together. Personalize it with an initial, and it makes a terrific gift for any cook who knows that a terrific meal is always better surrounded in burnt orange and black.

Note: This UT-themed carrier has found a fan home, but you can order another that's personalized with an initial.

Price: $24.99

SOLD items may be ordered with slightly different fabric to maintain one-of-a-kind uniqueness. We are happy to accept special orders on custom designs and/or fabric choice. New designs are always in progress. Custom suggestions are greatly appreciated!